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On Leadership, Humility and the Self-Discovered Leader

Our commitment to leadership is first a personal endeavor, where the desire to become someone worthy of following is backed up by a deliberate plan of action and milestones for learning, changing and growing as a leader.

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Leadership Platforms — The Goal of Enrichment

I’ll readily admit, this appealed to my deep desire to leave a legacy of positive change in the world…something I would laughingly refer to as my “legacy complex.” I also have to admit that I knew something of leadership by this time in my professional career, but the idea of a ‘Leadership Platform’ was foreign. I remember looking it up in Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary at some point and discovering, in the context Lisa was using the term, that a “platform” can be defined as “the particular policies (guiding principles) and promises supporting a position of authority and/or authenticity, which become the basis of all actions and further provide the opportunity for periodic celebration and ongoing evaluation.” Blended with the term leadership, I quickly began to see the relationship and understand its importance. I remember thinking: “Wow! Lisa is onto something here.” So off I went, not fully realizing what this challenge would require of me, nor that it would ultimately influence my life’s purpose, increase my personal potential and result in the summation of what I value, believe, understand and do as a leader. In retrospect, I owe Lisa an incredible debt of gratitude.

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Real Leadership!…Undiscovered

My long-time mentor and friend, Thomas A. “Smitty” Smith would often describe general industry in America as “100 years of business unhampered by progress.” There is little doubt about the need for Real Leadership and great leaders, but little evidence to suggest

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