Real Leadership! Are You Ready? is a topic dedicated to sharing the key concepts presented in my new book by the same title (soon to be released by Dog Ear Publishing). It offers an emboldened look at what it takes to be a real leader. And I promise, it is not a walk in the park or snooze in the shade.

By defining leadership as movement-by-appointment and introducing concepts like Leadership Platforms built and maintained around ideas like right leadership vs. wrong leadership and born-in leadership potential vs. made-in leadership performance, this topic will share insights to ignite your thinking about leadership in places you may have never before had a spark, and it will challenge you to take that new information and use it to improve your performance…brandishing the torch of an entirely new level of a personal leadership that can be used to elevate the level of leadership in your organization.

I hope you enjoy and commit to using what may be discovered here, because Real Leaders are in short supply. You could be the next one to adopt Real Leadership! Are You Ready?


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