The Spirit of All Seasons, the Essence of Leadership and the Letter of the Law

What Ravi so eloquently states and appropriately sets forth in this BLOG post at RZIM is what Real Leadership is all about. Imagine if our Nation’s leaders were encouraging this type of response…love, forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. We would see real progress. Instead, we are caught in a real “progress trap.”

Ronald Wright gets credit for putting it this way in A Short History of Progress: “In a progress trap, those in positions of authority are unwilling to make changes necessary for future survival. To do so they would need to sacrifice their current status and political power at the top of a hierarchy.” — Wikipedia

Being someone who fully understands the human condition–namely because I am fully human–I can fully enter into this idea and the reasons that Ravi lists for why they wouldn’t want to do such a thing. I can also understand why they, instead, choose “…the platitudes of political double-speak remind[ing] us that if we hope in politics and laws we will make the suicidal blunder of thinking that laws change hearts. They do not. Societal laws are always at the mercy of power brokers, as language without integrity of heart lends itself to the machinations of demagogues.” — Ravi Zacharias, From Kiev to Ferguson: Stable Words in an Unstable World | RZIM.

As Charles Colson once challenged all of us: “Where is the hope? I meet millions who tell me that they feel demoralized by the decay around us. Where is the hope? The hope that each of us has is not in who governs us or what laws are passed or what great things we do as a Nation. Our hope is in the power of God working through the hearts of people. And that’s where our hope is in this country. That’s where our hope is in life.”

How’s your leadership influencing others? Are you stuck in a progress trap? Where’s your hope? Is it in those who govern us and the laws they pass? If so, let me take this opportunity to ask something great of you. Be someone who get’s it and then get on with it! Make a commitment today to break out of the trap and start having hope in the power of God to work through your heart, then continue the transformation by giving yourself, and your hope, away for the benefit of others. That is Real Leadership! Are You Ready?


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