Leadership Enrichment; a LIFE-cycle for Converting Potential into Performance

In the previous 4-part series on Leadership Enrichment I presented the LIFE-cycle one step (i.e., stage) at a time. Now I want to circle back around and introduce the suffix “-cycle” and cover the actual features and benefits of the model when it comes to elevating personal and organizational performance. 

By way of introduction, here’s a recap of the four LEL-c stages presented in the earlier posts:

L = Life-Long Learning (Enrichment Stage 1)

  • Awareness: Knowing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn: Understanding how thinking/ behavior impact us, others and our organizations.

I = Internal Locus of Control (Enrichment Stage 2)

  • Acceptance: Being okay with ourselves and our organizations as we/ they are now.
  • Change: Deciding what to change and how to improve ourselves and our organizations.

F = Fulfillment (Enrichment Stage 3)

  • Action: Committing to work our a plan around worthwhile changes.
  • Grow: Monitoring our progress over time.

E = Excellence (Enrichment Stage 4)

  • Achievement: Increasing personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Lead: Giving our best away for the benefit of others.

Now we get to the “-cycle” suffix of the model. As the red crosses of the image (at top) reveal, the LEL-c is a journey-map between thinking and knowing, between knowing and doing, between doing and performing and between performing and the next level of new thinking that results as a natural consequence of a completed cycle iteration. The acronym LIFE, represented by the blue text boxes, are the four Enrichment Stages that help us convert thinking into performance. The Enrichment Stages are sequential, progressive and irreducible, meaning each stage builds upon the previous one(s), no stage can be bypassed and, as the “-cycle” suffix implies, it is intended to be a recursive journey…not a once and one proposition. While many things in our professional, personal and social lives may strike the spark of enrichment, we are the ones who must kindle the coals of personal transformation if we are ever to brandish the torch of organizational transformation…the GOAL of Real Leadership!

With this understanding of the four Enrichment Stages, the last feature of the model that I want to call-out are the specific performance targets (because it is important to give the overall LEL-c an aim) and the primary emotional enablers (because it was essential for movement through the LEL-c). Consistent with the journey-map theme, I classified the performance targets as “waypoints,” and the emotional enablers as “connectors” as depicted in the image below.

The Leadership Enrichment LIFE-cycle (LEL-c)

The Leadership Enrichment LIFE-cycle (LEL-c)

Multiple Performance Waypoints prove essential because they break the LIFE-cycle into smaller, more manageable parts. The Emotional Connectors prove equally vital because they serve the essential function of providing the energy-in-motion (i.e., emotion) that helps us: a) get started and b) control our speed of movement (e.g., pace) through the LIFE-cycle.

This LEL-c Model provides the roadmap for blueprinting/designing, building/documenting, strength-testing/validating and continually renewing/improving personal and organizational Leadership Platforms, a concept I’ll address in my next post.

If you are interested in the idea of leadership, in your performance as a leader, in developing the leaders around you, or in leading your organization in ways, and by means, never before available to you, I propose the challenge of Leadership Enrichment as offered by the LIFE-cycle. With it comes the potential to become best leader version of you, the opportunity to raise the level of leadership for others and the power to improve both personal and organizational performance. In short, it produces Real Leadership! Are You Ready?


Author, speaker and award-winning Performance Solutions Executive who really enjoys helping people improve performance and organizations improve quality, productivity and competitive position. Domestic and international experience includes designing, developing and implementing business turnaround, organizational/ workforce development and operations excellence programs for the outsourcing (BPO/HRO), manufacturing and healthcare industries. Consistently recognized by senior leaders, peers and clients for innovative, high-touch, best-shore program design and delivery.

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