Real Leadership!…Undiscovered

My long-time mentor and friend, Thomas A. “Smitty” Smith would often describe general industry in America as “100 years of business unhampered by progress.” There is little doubt about the need for Real Leadership and great leaders, but little evidence to suggest we are able to satisfy that need. I believe that, in large part, this is because we haven’t become adept at converting potential into performance…new information into new behaviors. Borrowing from Dr. Oz’s famed indictment on our health, we are the best leadership-educated society in the history of mankind, but we don’t use that education to change our leadership behavior or improve our leadership performance.

In my new book, Real Leadership! Are You Ready?, I take a close look at this seemingly unnatural yet all to prevalent phenomena in our personal and professional endeavors. In the years to come, it is my contention that we must first do something about this modern dilemma if we are ever to deal successfully with the social, political, and economic pressures that are already upon us.

Before sharing my thoughts on this, I’m interested in hearing yours.

What is Real Leadership? What difference does it make? Why do you think we still operate in a leadership vacuum…or do you? If you do, what are you presently doing about it?



Author, speaker and award-winning Performance Solutions Executive who really enjoys helping people improve performance and organizations improve quality, productivity and competitive position. Domestic and international experience includes designing, developing and implementing business turnaround, organizational/ workforce development and operations excellence programs for the outsourcing (BPO/HRO), manufacturing and healthcare industries. Consistently recognized by senior leaders, peers and clients for innovative, high-touch, best-shore program design and delivery.

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